GBH “Sequence ’12 ” - By GBH “Riley” out of Moore County/Golden’s Bridge “Sorry”

Sequence is the mother of the up and coming 2015-2016 “S” puppies.  Codie says, “This is the sweetest hound.  A beautiful blue tick bitch with her famous blue eye!  Her conformation is what I call perfect for a PMD bitch.  When hunting, rarely do I see her loafing.  The last hunt at Windswept she was the strike hound who found our pilot and away we went.  I knew we were on something solid when one of my whips radioed Sequence is speaking over here. We were off on a great run.”

Look for her when you are out this season, you can’t miss that one blue eye!

GBH “Sequence”   She recently whelped the 2015 “S” litter by GBH “Oddball"